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from abasement

/frəm əˈbeɪsm(ə)nt/


  1. the opposition of abasing or being abased; making one important or deserving.

Independent, interdisciplinary. An ever-(r)evolving international constellation of artists who believe in revealing what's hidden below the surface, and between the lines. from (a)basement theatre collective is a critically-acclaimed independent company with an international network. We all share a creative passion for raw, subversive, and genre-defying work. The collective believes in exposing what is tucked away in the basement - listening to, and supporting, voices that remain unheard on stage and in conversation. We strive to forge intimate experiences that challenge, inspire, and most importantly, empower narratives that deserve to see the light of day.

"I think it’s pretty incredible. The maturity and power in your storytelling is a bit of magic I hope you can retain and hone and keep pushing.”

— Aniela Zaba, Artistic Director of the 2019 International Youth Arts Festival


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    An interactive series of web-based installations inviting you to listen.
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    If you'd like a sounding board, to pitch anything to us, or just to talk about anything arts-related; we are here!
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for The Optic Trilogy (2018):

"I very much enjoyed this performance, it was thoughtful, beautifully designed... The use of physical theatre added thoughtfully to the symbolism of the play, particularly the shadow play with reaching for the star, and the moments of shadows behind the screen as well.


I felt this was an excellent production, with a real vision and beautifully, clean aestheticI thoroughly enjoyed the performance and greatly appreciated the opportunity to see something that made me think so deeply."



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