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00:00 is a multimedia documentary theatre piece that sets out to liberate suppressed voices and perspectives, while discussing tough social issues in an objective, engaging, and thought-provoking way. 00:00 aims to uncover hidden voices and experiences that have been neglected or suppressed by society.




Told through the perspective of four specialists employed with Network Rail and set on the railway tracks, this production examines the collateral damage and impact of railway suicides. From train drivers to social media managers, from commuters to the decontamination crew, 00:00 will take the audience on a witty high-speed kaleidoscope journey beneath the façades we wear; mental health, society, masculinity, and messy aftermaths in modern Britain.    

date. 5th-9th December 2018

          3rd, 5th, 8th, 16th - 20th July 2019

venue.  the packhorse (Egham)

             centrE17 (London)

             Rose Theatre Studio (Kingston)

             The Lion and Unicorn Theatre (London)

             King's Head Theatre (London)

size. professional, site-specific black box setting

"If people are going to kill themselves, could they at least do it in the privacy of their own homes and away from public transport? Having my train cancelled because you hate life is selfish as fuck! #selfish"

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Official Review on Orbital Magazine

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Official Review on Theatre T

"Rebecca Goh will definitely be a name that I'll look out for in the future. Firstly the testimonies she has collated are sensitive and emotionally raw - you can't help but empathise even in the simplest of moments. Where she has excelled herself, however, is in her direction. Goh has created the most beautiful images by combining virtual multimedia with the performer's bodies - a section where Simmons-Barry discusses how the train network is like the human brain will stay with me. She also uses very little lighting. The majority of the piece lit only by four worker's torches which create half-shadowy figures of the performers - a great artistic choice to shine a little light on a world we rarely see. Goh's design of hanging railcards from the ceiling was also simple, yet a tasteful touch.

00:00 is a stunning and vital show. Being a train driver is one of those jobs that you're told is hard. From (a)basement theatre collective allows us to see how the mundane reality of it is broken by momentary "events" that can leave lasting damage. It will give you a newfound respect the next time your train is running late."

- Matthew Cleverly for Theatre T

"It was one of the most heart-wrenching portrayals of suicide and mental health I have ever seen."

"I saw your show at IYAF tonight and I think it’s pretty incredible. The maturity and power in your storytelling is a bit of magic I hope you can retain and hone and keep pushing. Thanks so much for sharing those stories."

"A moving, powerful and wonderful show brilliantly performed, a joy to have seen before it finished."

"Incredibly moving piece, with an amazing emotional range displayed by the cast. Good use of music and sound which complimented the small performance space; new subject matter which provokes further investigation and learning."

"Brilliant acting, sensitive handling of a difficult topic, appreciated the helpline numbers. Beautiful visuals/lighting/sound design... moments of darkness/silence felt extra powerful."

"The play was very well directed. I particularly liked the physical aspects of it and its focus on how the mental health of drivers are impacted by witnessing suicides, which is often overlooked."


"Truly loved all of it; the raw emotion and expression from the actors and the way the play addressed a sensitive topic without tip-toeing around it."

"One of the best pieces of theatre I have ever seen."

"It was all consuming and very powerful."

"What a wonderfully moving performance of 00:00 this evening... It was beautifully told and quite emotional to watch."

"It was raw, real and passionate. The proximity allowed the audience to experience the show, the same way the actors experienced it. It was eye-opening. Amazingly educational and informative."

"It was really clever in terms of physicality and the way it was scripted and spoken was very powerful."

"Very rare and shined a light on a problem that isn't talked about. Overall point came across well, and acting was very believable. The ending and ensemble parts were really well directed."

"Brilliant acting and movement, really utilised 'in the round' (staging)... Aesthetic usage of projections and lights. Personal standout is the movement section -- would have loved to have seen more of it!"

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